Welcome to Wagyu Ireland
 We began in 2008 with the importation of 51 embryos. The conception rate was not so good despite being in the embryo business for 25 years. However fortune smiled on us when we got two magnificent cows who produced embryos just for fun while at the same time producing great calves. O’Hanasaki Breda will have 42 calves born this year and her pedigree goes back to one of the most prolific cows in Australia – Dai 2 Kinntou. Then along came O’Hanasaki Brilliant, our stock bull, quieter and kinder than a Saint Bernard, he diligently served our cows for years. We were not aware of his real worth until recently when a crossbred son of his marbled exceptionally well and found its way to a top restaurant in Dublin. We fortunately collected semen from him and he is in great demand at home and abroad. We are at present building a full blood herd using every recipient we can get our hands on. To date we have exported semen, embryos and cattle to many countries in Europe and look forward to increased success in this area. 
We invite genuine enquiries from anywhere in the world for our stock and we will do our utmost to supply the very best. 
Oliver O’Hanlon – Wagyu Ireland


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